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Run like an Egyptian

13 May

Second day of my holiday in Egypt, fully equipped with my trainers and of course my beloved Garmin Forerunner watch so I can continue to track my mileage.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to run on the night we arrived. It was late and I wasn’t sure whether it was safe to run around in the dark in a foreign country. I thought I might be able to run a few miles on the treadmill in the gym but it has really unsociable opening hours – 8am to 8pm. Perhaps for some that’s long enough but we didn’t arrive until 10pm so I had no chance of a run. I must admit I haven’t yet braved the security of our resort, however I plan to tomorrow.

The last two days have been spent clocking up the miles on a treadmill but it is so boring and so much more like hard work and not what running is all about. I really enjoy bringing my trainers with me to new places, as it’s a chance to ‘really’ see a place. It seems Egypt is a popular place for running, deemed as the ultimate running destination. With countless marathons all over the country, so it seems in yet another country I am no alone in my passion for the sport! So far though I can’t say I have had the best experience of Egypt. Our resort is beautiful, grand and very Egyptian. A small number of the hotel staff are friendly, however the majority are just plain rude. I have had a similar experience before though, when my husband and I went to Morocco. A beautiful hotel but the staff let it down.

I was mortified to find the gym toilets and showers hadn’t been cleaned since yesterday. I will admit I took a picture of the ‘unclean’ shower, as it wasn’t how I would expect a 5 star hotel gym changing room to be. I was even more surprised to find that everything was just as it was yesterday. Clearly it had not been touched. I decided to take my incriminating picture on my phone to the hotel reception, which had just the desired result I was looking for. A promise that it will be cleaned by tomorrow morning, it will be interesting to see if this is so tomorrow following my run exploring the sights Egypt has to offer on my first run outside the resort.

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