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Day of Rest

6 Jan

I won’t be running today, I have decided today will be a day of rest! Is that allowed? …Today my legs feel tired, and my injury starts to niggle when I don’t have a rest. Last night I took a friend to along to a local running club, not my official running club, sorry Droitwich Athletic Club! …it was merely a convenience thing, my friend is pretty new to running and I know we don’t run a beginner group on a Thursday anymore, which is a shame as that is just how I started – running twice a week; every Tuesday and Thursday in a beginner group. The club we went along to last night is more local to where we both live and its a big club, so I knew there would be a lot of options that we could chose in terms of speed and distance. However sometimes bigger isn’t always better… it was hard to know who was who, where to go and who was running where and at what pace. It wasn’t the most organised event I have attended.

Last night was a disappointment. We went out with a slowish steady group who said we would run for 3 to 3.5miles, (I planned to add on some at the end and run home.) The run was led by an oldish gentleman and the rest of the group were ladies…. but no one spoke, the occasional ‘car’ or ‘left’ was panted, but that was about it. A real shame, running is such a sociable sport, and I think it should be shared by others, among others and talked about with each other. There are some real benefits of group running, especially in the dark! And there aren’t many sports that you can partake in, and have a good old natter, putting the world to rights, talk about what you did at the weekend or just have a general off load on what a bad day you have had! I have met some really fascinating people during races, some who I have even met again and again at other races. I took my friend along last night to a club so she could experience and get an idea of what club running is like and get her into the whole ‘running’ spirit of things and so she could get that feeling of being a part of something with other, which I think a lot of what club running is all about…. But I’m really disappointed to say, I think it put her off running in a club! I was greeted outside by such a friendly gentleman, the club secretary and I thought to myself, how friendly and welcoming he had been (this was before she had arrived though!) and after that it was everyone huddling together shouting out distances and speeds. After that it was very confusing, everyone trying to find which group they would join. I can’t help but wonder how many might realise half way round that they are with the elite group running 7.5 minute miles on a 9 miler, who had planned to go out for a leisurely jog!

Anyway we chose our group, who took us on a route was through numerous cul-de-sacs and housing estates, very samey and very boring, very flat and not at all challenging. The run was over in exactly 33 minutes and we had only covered 2.5 miles an exact recording thanks to my Garmin 405CX … so that wasn’t really what I had in mind as an introduction for my friend and she was disappointed. So we stayed out and ran our own route. I incorporated a very cruel hill or two for her! But that also included some nice ‘downies’ to recover too! … we ran for a further 40 minutes, and we both felt like we had been running second time round.

Maybe I should set up my own club!

My friend offered me a lift home but I thought I’d run home, 4.5 miles later and 8.5 miles totalled. That’s now 34 miles in total. 1,978 miles left to do…. I reckon at this rate I’ll be done by the summer!

I found last night through Twitter there are others out there too!! … Running 2012 miles, recruiting people to join and raise money for charity. I tweeted back, waiting to hear back.

Planning a long one at the weekend and looking forward to it, just hope the wind and rain stay away.


Welcome to Running for 2012 miles in 2012

3 Jan

Happy New Year! Its 2012, January 3rd and I have decided to run 2012 miles for 2012. I plan to run a large part of my miles at weekends on long runs and 5 to 6 miles per day during the week. I will run everywhere I go, whether it be whilst at work, on holiday or weekends away. My trainers (currently wearing Saucony Pro Grid Guide 2) will go everywhere with me to ensure that I clock up my miles, I also plan to enter a number of races this year to help clock up the miles. I hope with your support and advice you can keep me going… any advice!

Its day 3, and so far I have clocked 19.5 miles using my Garmin Forerunner 405CX, this will be my new best friend! Looking forward to the challenge and join in if you think you can do it too, surely it cant be that hard?!

About Running for 2012

My name is Sarah Willis, I am 29 years old (at the time of writing this!) and enjoy running. Running has so many benefits and as I discovered, anyone can do it. I started running 3 years ago, having joined a ladies running club in Droitwich with an overall aim of losing weight and becoming more active, and guess what, it worked! I started entering Half Marathons and numerous 10k’s and have been quite literally hooked ever since!

I have been lucky so far and haven’t suffered any serious running related injuries, but have been unlucky and suffered injuries related to my other passion which is horse riding. I have been quite unfortunate and suffered two falls, both of which caused significant problems with my running. After my first fall I just ran through the pain and ignored it until it became so bad I psychically could not run as my legs would give way from beneath me! Yes i know what your thinking, I must be mad! But running gives me such a rush I cant seem to get it any other way, i tried the gym but i just felt bored and restless. So I tried physiotherapy and visited a chiropractor and both treatments seemed to help, just in time for my wedding enabling me to get back out there and clock up the miles. I even ran on the morning of my wedding and started my new tradition of running over to my parents house on Christmas day which i plan to do now every christmas. It’s very satisfying when tucking into your christmas dinner and all the other indulgences that come with christmas.

However in 2011, I suffered a second horse riding accident, the day before my wedding anniversary! So instead of celebrating with my husband it was spent in hospital. The second fall caused me to undo pretty much all the treatment I had received following my first fall and on top suffered pretty extensive internal damage to my muscles. This time I realised just how lucky I was to have escaped the way I had with no broken bones and decided to start listening to my body, it’s now been nearly 5 months and I am just about 95% fully recovered, but my running has really suffered. I am determined to return to my former fitness.

I was running everyday at one point but now it varies from week to week according to how I’m feeling in terms of pain. I now need to build up the muscles in the one side of my body and what better way to motivate myself  than hold a promise to run 2012 miles in 12 months! So that’s my story, and that’s what I am going to do, which I plan to blog about for 12 months. Both the good and the bad bits!

I also hope this blog can help others who might have suffered an injury, illness or even something more severe and this will encourage them and maybe join me in running 2012 miles in 2012.