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In Memory of Claire Squires

27 Apr

As a fellow runner, but no where near as special, beautiful, brave, strong and giving as Claire Squires, whom I will add I never had the pleasure of knowing. I would like to dedicate one of my posts in Run for 2012 to Claire Squires. It has almost been impossible to have not heard about this tragic story of a beautiful, courageous and strong woman who died very suddenly and unexpectedly after collapsing so close (less than a mile) to the finish of the London marathon on Sunday 15th April 2012.

Claire was running the London Marathon for The Samaritans, her chosen charity on behalf of her brother who sadly committed suicide a few years ago, her mother had also worked there. Claire had set up a Just giving page for her chosen charity, which she wrote “If everyone I know could donate £5, that would be a great help and change lives.”. Claire’s page has now raised more than £800,000.

Every time I have seen or read about this tragic story of this wonderful woman who is just a year younger than me I get a shiver and a tear for Claire. On Monday when I watched the news and heard about her death I did sit and cry. That could be me, you or anyone of our friends. When Claire’s best friend describes Claire I just think she was someone I only wish I could be. A very special person.

The Telegraph begun a recent article ‘Out of tragedy sometimes comes something extraordinary. The death of Claire Squires, the runner who collapsed during the final mile of the London marathon on Sunday, was an unspeakable tragedy. And yet, in the three days since her death, something amazing has occurred.’

 The generosity of people who never knew Claire who have donated to her chosen charity just goes to show how powerful something like this tragedy can be, and perhaps not just for ‘fellow’ runners, but for all of us. A beautiful, young and healthy woman is taken at the most unexpected time of her life doing something for others. Running a marathon is a HUGE achievement in itself, but Claire chose to run her marathon for a charity and just look what a difference she has made. I just hope she is watching.

Tens of thousands of anonymous donors have pledged between £2 and £250 in her memory, identifying themselves only as “fellow runner” or by their race number. “You are an inspiration,” wrote one. “My medal is for you.”

Claire was the 10th person to die during the London marathon in the event’s 31-year history. Unlike many of the others, however, she had no history of heart disease. She had recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and ran the same marathon in 2010. I hope this doesn’t scare people into choosing ‘not’ to run, as running is something I know I could not live without now. I am sure Claire would have agreed with this too. I am just so, so sorry she had to die, but she died doing something she loved, whilst making a difference to so many lives. Her family and friends must be so proud of her.

I plan to do the London Marathon next year and I will definitely be thinking about Claire Squires when I cross that finish line next year.

The support for Claire’s fund-raising from everyone has hopefully helped her family focus on something positive in the days after her death. Their daughter gave everything she had, the least we can do is give back what we can.

Please go to Claire’s Fundraising page and give her something back that she gave to so many others:


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