I’ve got my mojo back!

26 Apr


I’ve got my mojo back! The chiro has been fantastic and I am feeling much stronger already. The core work she gave me to do has really help and I have been given a really great programme at my gym to start focusing me on strengthening my glutes, hamstrings and core. I am also working more on my upper body as this is often neglected by runners but still just as important. For me it is also partly a vanity thing, I have never liked my arms so the exercises I have been doing will hopefully start making a difference.

Running really is a science, and I don’t think I have really appreciated how much before my Chiro started to give me exercises to improve my posture and core. I can honestly say i have already felt the difference with my running, especially hill running.

You might not think runners are the most likely athletes to be in the gym hitting the weights, many top Olympian runners strength train on a regular basis as part of their training. In conjunction with building strength through weights, building your core has endless benefits to your form. A strong core allows you to relax your legs and balance with ease. If you’re looking to increase speed, a strong core is important.A strong core also improves balance and coordination on unlevelled terrain.
Here are some recommended strength training and core exercises you can try:
1. Step-ups
Step-ups work the legs in a manner similar to running, making them a good strength exercise for runners. 
Stand in front of a weight bench, box or other stable platform. Step one foot on to the top of the platform and then use that leg to quickly lift the rest of your body up. Step back down to the ground and then repeat for six to eight reps. Do two to three sets on each leg.
2. The Bridge Exercise
This exercise strengthens your core and helps add stability to your pelvis so that it can maintain holding a level position.
Lie flat on the floor head facing the ceiling and fix your eyes on one spot on the ceiling. Now lift your bottom and back and hold yourself up with your legs. Try and hold the position for 10-30 seconds and try 2/3 times.
3. The Leg lift
Try this using a ball or a chair (a ball will give the opportunity to also work on your balance, finding your core and maintaining balance through your core.) By practicing this exercise, you will strengthen your lower abs and core, which will support the leveling of your pelvis during all levels of your running.

So start by sitting square with fit shoulder width apart and lift your leg straight out and hold for 30 seconds, try this twice on each leg.
You can also try lifting your leg with your knee bent.



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