Never judge a book by its cover

23 Jan

Why do people run? … lose weight, a personal challenge, get fit, raise money for charity? …I started running to lose weight. I love food so much, too much in fact that I knew I had to do something about it or one day I would require a crane to lift me off the sofa. Seriously, food is always on my mind! … So running rescued me a few years ago and I have never looked back until last year when I had my horse riding accident and was not only unable to run, but exercise altogether. I felt so revolting and hated myself. I ran everyday in 2010 up until my wedding, I didn’t give myself a day off at all, I never allowed myself to make an excuse and just kept thinking about how i would feel on my wedding day. I haven’t managed to keep this commitment up though, I suppose life got in the way and I had a husband who didn’t really appreciate his wife running here there and everywhere at any available opportunity! I kept on running though and entered races to ensure I had goals, but last year I was unable to run the Great South and Great North amongst others because of my riding accident. I felt like such a failure last year for having to defer or pull out of all the races I had booked onto at the beginning of the year, and whilst trying to recover and rest I just felt lazy and restless and I really wondered quite how I ever lived without running and whether I would ever get back to where I was.

Running has brought more to my life than just weight loss though, it has given me confidence and a real sense of achievement. I don’t always feel like going for a run, I can’t say every day I am bouncing about and raring to go, but once I’m outside and running I realise ‘why I run.’ Running gives you such a sense of freedom and an opportunity to put the world to rights. I have some of my best ideas whilst running, I make plans, think about the next day or the day I have just had. It helps puts things into perspective.

It’s surprising how many people you see running… I always wonder whether because I run I notice them more and maybe wouldn’t have before, or is it more popular now? I think everyone should try it, so many people say to me ‘i am not a runner, I’m not built for it’ but how do you know unless you try. You would be so suprised at all the shapes and sizes at races, and one thing that running has taught me is to never judge a book by its cover.

93 miles run so far…1,919 left.


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