British Winter

4 Jan

Day 4, and it was not an enjoyable run. Weather has never been a problem for me, I run whether it is snowing or scorching…tonight was most certainly a British winter evening to say the least, strong winds and rain… I put my earphones in though and send my mind somewhere else, I often pretend I’m running along in the summer or take myself to a time when i have been running on holiday. Tonight was difficult, I ate my supper before I ran tonight, I have never done that before and will never be doing that again. I had a terrible feeling I was going to be sick for the entire run, felt really heavy and had no energy (something that’s quite useful whilst running)

So Lesson 1. Do not eat before a run, or wait at least an hour before you do.

I also made a grave mistake in my music choice tonight. Music really affects the way in which I run and I know I’m not alone when I say this, if its fast I feel more energetic and seem to be able to run quicker, but if its slow I seem to lack motivation and my run is more of a steady jog.  I need to update my running tunes, and master my Itunes account, I have so many albums that I don’t listen to and so many I should be listening to! I find it motivates me too, I get excited to listen to new uploaded albums. So anyway, tonight my album choice was Annie Mac presents 2011. An AMAZING album, highly recommended, but not for an upbeat running tempo album. Her last album; Annie Mac presents 2010 is one of my favourite running albums… so expected the same for 2011 but it just doesn’t work when trying to increase speed.

So Lesson 2. Do not listen to Annie Mac presents 2011 whilst running.

Tonight was also one of the shortest runs I have done in a while, just 4 miles, but I live by the rule that something is better than nothing. 23.5 miles to date, 1988.5 miles to go. I wonder what I will do if I complete the 1988.5 miles before the end of 2012?!


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